Monday, December 17, 2007

Liak Omg Jer!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Night Out

What Can I Say when the T-194 Staff gets together its always fun! Man we had a blast at Caper's Tavern & Eatery tonight. Got there at 5pm didn't leave till 1am. Karaoke quite nice at times. Jer & Das did great jobs! I especially loved Das' performances. The night overall went pretty well. I wasn't doing Karaoke. I can't sing what so ever! I would of maybe did a rap song and they had those too. These white folks were doing Magic Stick (50 Cent & Lil Kim) It was quite comical! It was also a B-day party going on while we were there towards the latter hour. She was either 21 or 28. I am not sure. We also got Jer to sing SuperFreak by Rick James, an he forgot to say at the end of the song "I'm Rick James Bitch!" it would of been funny as hell. But he forgot. I enjoyed myself. Now its time to see what damage I did to my wallet/debit card lmao. Tips & food/drink expenses. Also SHOUT OUT TO JAKE at Caper's Tavern & Eatery. You're cool man! lmao. Peace out pplz.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well I got up this morning an felt as if I didn't get a wink of sleep but I actually did because I am still awake as we speak (type). So I get ready for school then head out. Just a little after 9am I arrive at the school I go into the lab I work in, I sit down an start talking with Jeremy. We get on the subject about our friend "Pete". Apparently "Pete" doesn't like the way of our orientation session having to go so long. I say this, there's the door don't let it hit you on the way out! If you don't want to work, then you need to quit. We need workers here not people to take space. An he is a big boy. So he takes up quite enough space. He whines all day. He told me one day I was Jeremy's shit list. I am like?!??!?! I went out to dinner with him and my female friend Das not too long ago. I am pretty sure if I was on his "shit" list we wouldn't of been laughing an acting goofy as we usually do. I mean we have our times but we get over it and continue on with life. That stuff is the past. Until he learns that he is fucked! He is too old to not realize it. But enough about Stinky "Pete". I took my last two finals today!

On my first final which started at about 950am this was my CIS 112 final Intro to Networking, that class involves alot of reading and etc. I wouldn't want to go into networking after taking that class so I am glad I chose the Programming aspect of the CIS world. I wouldn't be able to remember that stuff plus that isn't what i am interested in. More Programming than anything. I will hopefully become just as good Jeremy with practice of course, as they say: "Practice makes perfect". But I did excellent on my final in CIS 112. I obtained an 84.4% on my Final Exam, then we had extra credit I got a 60% my friend who sits next to me, got an 84% and a 40% on his Extra credit, but the Extra credit was to help you rather than hurt, so for example he got a 84% on his Final Exam, then got a 40% on his Extra Credit; the extra credit was 10 questions so its XX out of 10 Points. So he got an extra four point on his final grade which made him get a 90% on his Final. So the extra credit really worked out for me! I ended up getting a A-. Pictured at the top right hand corner my grades Along with a B in Math 080 and a C in CRJ 131 though the CRJ 131 hasn't been posted as of yet. I hope I got a Satisfactory in ENG 081. I also ran home so many times today because I left this and that therefore I had to go back and get it. I also got my next math book for Winter 08 via Financial Aid payment, then later on I ordered my Psychology book and paid via Financial Aid. And I ordered my Ansi C book off of Amazon, 43 bucks + tax + shipping & handling. I saved like 68 bucks! I am loving it. I turned my books in got 117 bucks for them I also bought my next set of books for Winter 08. Just the Psychology 131 and Math 110 book. It was quite an interesting day today. All that running now I need more gas for my car from all that running back and forth to here. I hope who all are reading this have a safe holiday as well. Well thats about it for me now! What about your day?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apparently Science was at work, or an act of God himself!

So I get up this morning played a little Halo 3 washed some clothes and got ready for work. I go outside to get in my car the dent that was there....IS GONE! As if Jesus himself placed his blessed hands onto the bumper of my vehicle and said "Let there be no dent!" I mean it was freaking amazing to me! I am looking at this bumper that had a dent in it the night before and now its like didn't nothing happen. I get to work and tell one of my coworkers, he says it was probably due to the fact that it was cold an the dent like pulled itself out. Need I remind, a old box style Caprice hit my 97 Intrepid. Those Caprices are like boats as is my car but they are all steel boats. An the guy was just backing out of a driveway an hit the car hard enough to set the alarm so it must of been pretty hard, hard enough to leave a dent. But it is technically fixed due to mother nature and I thank her. I also took another final today my Criminal Justice (CRJ) 131 final exam. I met my teacher for the first time today. Since it is an online class you can see why this is the first time. I feel good about my final exam in CRJ. I also feel good about tomorrow exam. I had dinner with my good friend DG. She is a complete beauty. Well I had dinner she had dessert she had just came back from Bob Evans with her family and she wanted one of those apple pie desserts. I had the big brownie, thanks to Jeremy getting one the last time we were there. Now i am gone to play a couple games of Halo 3 and then I am off to bed. That's my day, how was yours?

O-M-G; just another day

I get up all early this morning and I get ready for school cause it is towards the end at my school, and we are taking finals an what not. I get to the school at 10:30am! Early as hell for me, anyways I get to my class that i supposedly had a final in today and I wait an I remember the teacher saying she would be late due to her having a class at another school that also concurrently worked at while working at my college. So she comes in at like 12:54pm and we're like its only like 3 people here to take the final. So she goes "Umm your final isn't until Thursday". Obviously my mouth dropped to the ground, we're all ready to take this final only to be blew off like this, an be told Thursday. I am like damn I could of been studying for my math final which I had to take after this "English" final. So after I find out no English Final today, I get back to the area where my math final is and sit at the table with some friends from my math class and we got some cramming studying in. After that you look up and its 1:40pm the same time when my final is suppose to start.

So we get up and head to the room where our Final is to be held. We get down there the previous teacher is still in there, so my teacher politely knocks at the door, he comes and says "Hi." She informs him he should of been out of the room at 1:30pm because there is a 10 minute passing time. He says no shouldn't of been. But since it isn't that many people in his room to begin with he offers to let us come in along with him the remaining people of his class. My math teacher goes "That won't be acceptable." We all like damn she is aggravated by this inconvenience. She quickly walks to talk with some guy named Larry or Jerry I believe it was then she comes back and informs us "We got a room! go to 230 across the hall!" So we get in there she explains we get a extra 5 minutes on this exam. We're like okay so we get settled in and what. Just when you thought it wouldn't messy, a Arizona Rx Glass bottle hits the floor and splashes everywhere in that area where it was dropped. I couldn't believe it! I knew this would send her over the edge. It sorta did, the young lady tried to clean it up but our math replied "Paper towels will make things worst" So I would imagine the spill stayed there until we left the class room (lol).

Now I start my day at the CIS Lab to do my Work Study, we got everything going normal as usual. Then I leave there to go home and come back, TRAFFIC is BAD. I thought I was on the freeway going to the airport all this damn traffic. So I deal with it an get home get the book and head back, en route to heading back, I catch a nasty headache from not eating, so I stop at the local Wendy's for food. I get back to the school, and I come in, eat then go back to work. While working we randomly check for students violating our policies, this software detects porn and alerts us on which user it is, then we take action. So he is on the School's computer Uploading pornographic pics to his website I would imagine. I am like dude you can't do that on our machines. I have no objection to porn, but when it can get you kicked out of the school because you decide to upload your pics on the school's computer thats on you! But I gave him a warning and he stopped. Then tomorrow we're apparently watching a movie and ordering pizza, the movie will be on the projector screen in one of the classrooms. It should be fun I will probably stay to watch and get pizza.

Then apparently I am not suppose to have nice things that are to be kept outside, such as I don't know, hmmm a car perhaps? I am sitting here in the living room minding my own business when i hear a thud and a alarm go off. I waited til my remote started beeping then I went to check for the damage I at first didn't see none, then I checked again. Dent in the corner of my bumper. I am like "Fuck I can't have shit!" So I move my car where I should of parked it in the first place which would be the damn side of the house. Enough about my day how was yours?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


What the f*ck is going on? My cell has no signal I went to the door and window holding the phone no SIGNAL! -_-; I had to use AIM to text a friend earlier this morning....AT&T come on now! But I guess I am calm now watching Katt Williams Live. I can use AIM to text message people. Hopefully it will better tomorrow. :( Signing off. this is my first blog.